Friday, October 14, 2016

Diabetes and High Quality Nutrition

DIABETES and High Quality Nutrition

This is from John Anderson the formulator for Isagenix...

Diabetics can reap the benefits of Isagenix too! 

Here’s a few tips for you!

Normally, the shakes should be cut in 1/2 servings more often. This will spread out the carbs hitting the system all at once.

You should always start Isagenix doing daily cleansing by adding 2 to 4 ounces in your daily drinking water. I have hundreds of reported testimonies stating that just doing the daily cleanse (4 oz daily) lowers blood sugars by 40 points on average.

This is not recommended because it’s hard to set a plan that works for every diabetic. Everyone is so different. Regulating blood sugars are a balancing act, If you reduce your carb intake and not adjust your insulin, you will have an insulin reaction.

Deep cleansing must be regulated and monitored by your doctor or health care provider.

Fiber is important for diabetics, it slows the carbs greatly and helps stabilize blood sugar. Adding the FiberPro and eating Slim Cakes will help

It’s always a benefit to add the necessary B vitamins to your regime, they help as well.

Very important for helping the insulin receptors make your body recognize insulin better.

There are many added ingredients in the Isagenix system to help:


-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Blood glucose
-Chromium, improves glucose tolerance
-Fiber, slows and helps control blood sugar
-Minerals, most important for reducing blood sugars
-Vitamin E, may improve glucose tolerance
-Vitamin B6, helps neuropathy
-Vitamin B1, helps reduce blood sugar levels
-CoEnzymeQ10, cardio-protection risks from diabetes
-Niacin, blood circulation
-Zinc, great in type 1 for blood sugars reduction
-Vitamin D, for blood levels normalization
-Inositol, nerve function for neuropathy
-Taurine, type 1 for the blood
-Omegas, for glucose tolerance and cholesterol levels
-Cayenne, blood circulation
-Psyllium, for blood sugar levels
-Cinnamon, for blood sugar levels control

Maybe reading and understanding these ingredients will help you understand the importance of High Quality Nutrition when your body is under abnormal conditions.

The need for diabetic nutrition is a must for everyone regardless of type or stage you are in.

I am diabetic since my spider bite. I am type 2 and doing very well controlling it. My cholesterol is 85!

John Anderson

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Healthy and Doable Approach to Lose Weight

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Remove Toxins From Your Body The Natural Way

How environmental impurities can be harmful to your health. Learn how to accelerate the removal of toxins from your body with natural products.